wide angle of the UB Blockchain Buildathon held in mid-April, 2018.

Two Western New York business executives found time to exchange ideas as they joined other industry representatives and universty students gathered for the region's first Blockckain Buildathon. 

From the arts to medicine, aircraft to genomics, people are discovering ways that blockchain and similar technologies can make our lives better.

We learn from these experts — alumni, faculty, students, industry executives, entrepreneurs — as they apply the technologies to their challenges and create innovative solutions.

  • Eric Barry Drasin
    Eric founded Normcorp — a speculative startup dealing with art that lives on the blockchain: "... a premiere post-digital lifestyle brand ... We create re-materialized art objects for the discerning modern collector."
  • Jordan Fried
    Jordan Fried, Hedera Hashgraph's VP of Business Development / Developer Advocacy, presented recently at UB, sharing his thoughts on distributed networks and next-generation distributed consensus technology.
  • David Koepsell
    "After the mania phase passes, blockchains will become a regular and respected part of many data solutions where privacy, security and audit trails are important ..."
  • Sam Marrazzo
    An innovative thinker, UB alumnus and experienced IT leader, Sam Marrazzo helped create and run UB's first Blockchain Buildathon. Students and industry representatives collaborated in tackling real-case challenges using blockchain technology.
  • James Regenor
    Nearly 100 students teamed up for the challenge of creating blockchain applications in WNY's first blockchain buildathon (4/13-15/18), organized by UB, Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Topcoder, ConsensSys.
  • John Wolpert
    A pioneer in blockchain technologies, John Wolpert advised Bina Ramamurthy as she facilitated the UB-led Blockchain MOOC on Coursera. He also was a guest lecturer, sharing his extensive knowledge of the field.