Our Projects

intro slide from a team presentation at Blockchain Buildathon.

Many still wonder about blockchain technology and how it might be most effectively used. Others are exploring the possibilities. The Blockchain ThinkLab highlights projects and use-case scenarios.

  • Blockchain for sharing genomic information
    Peter Elkin and Bina Ramamurthy are among the national researchers exploring the use of blockchain technology in sharing genomic information.
  • 2018 Blockchain Buildathon
    UB Blockchain ThinkLab collaborated with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to host the inaugural Blockchain Buildathon. (April 13-15) at Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in downtown Buffalo.
  • Buildathon Use Cases
    Blockchain Buildathon sponsors offered use-case scenarios, challenging the student teams to come up with innovative solutions. They used the following rubric in evaluating the final products.
  • General Use cases
    Blockchain is here to stay. Bitcoin is an excellent example of what has been running autonomously and supported by a developer community. Blockchain, such as Ethereum discussed in this book, has added execution logic to make it viable for solving business problems. Blockchain is not without its share of challenges, as it is evolving and growing its ecosystem.This book covered quite a range of decentralized applications and supporting concepts.