We Live Well!

Wellness is more than avoiding illness. It's about staying fit, managing stress, doing well in studies, and planning your career. We're here to help with swim lessons, fitness classes, CPR training, REC academic classes, and more. Start your wellness journey with us.

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Explore Wellness Through Recreation

  • Aquatic Programming
    Welcome to Aquatic Programming at the University at Buffalo! Dive into group & private swim lessons, lifeguard courses, student jobs, and Open REC: Swim. Join us for education, recreation, and a thriving aquatic community.
  • CPR Training
    Here's the jaw-dropping fact: Immediate CPR triples survival rates. Our classes empower you to respond confidently in emergencies. Register today to gain valuable skills that can create positive change in your community.
  • Fitness Programming
    Discover dynamic classes like spinning and Zumba, transformative Mind-Body Workshops, our thrilling Beat the Stampede: 1-Mile Race, and more! Elevate your well-being through invigorating options designed to inspire, challenge, and unite.
  • REC Academic Classes
    Our REC physical activity courses boost health, reduce stress, aid learning, foster well-rounded growth, and also earns you academic credit.
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At UB Recreation, we're all about taking care of every part of you. We've got specialized programs and tons of resources designed for people just like you on campus. We believe that learning how to make healthier choices is a big part of feeling good, and that's where wellness advocacy comes in—it's all about giving you the info and power to make choices that help you thrive.

Wellness is basically about finding that sweet spot where everything feels balanced. It's keeping our bodies active and healthy, handling stress like champs, building awesome relationships, doing well in our studies, and figuring out what really matters to us.