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Welcome to Aquatic Programming at the University at Buffalo! Dive into group & private swim lessons, lifeguard courses, student jobs, and Open REC: Swim. Join us for education, recreation, and a thriving aquatic community.

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For Your Safety

Safety drills are held during all programs. Please exit the pool promptly when the air horn sounds, aiding lifeguards in swift rescues for minimal disruption.

UB Recreation's Open REC: Swim offers leisure swimming without classes or training. Visit our website's "We Have Fun!" section for details.

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Swim Lessons

Should I Choose Group or Private Swim Lessons? Many swimmers wonder whether group or private swim lessons are better. The answer depends on your needs.

Think about your goals. Some people do well with one-on-one attention, while others prefer learning with their friends. Sometimes, it's helpful to start with private lessons to learn a new skill and then switch to a group when you're more confident. The UB Aquatics team understands that everyone is different and has different needs.

Are you ready to choose your lane?

Swim Lesson FAQ's

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Lifeguard & Instructor Courses

Lifeguard certification courses have the purpose of training individuals to become capable and confident lifeguards. These courses teach water safety, emergency response, rescue techniques, and physical fitness. Lifeguards learn to prevent accidents, provide first aid, and manage water-related emergencies, ensuring the safety of people in aquatic environments.

Lifeguard instructor courses train and certify individuals to teach lifeguarding skills, including water safety, rescue techniques, and emergency response. Certified instructors contribute to professional growth, employment opportunities, and public confidence in aquatic facilities. Ultimately, lifeguard instructor courses play a vital role in producing capable lifeguards who can prevent accidents and respond effectively to emergencies.

view from the lifeguard chair overlooking people swimming at Alumni Arena pool.

Work for UB Aquatics: Become a Lifeguard or Swim Instructor

Ready to dive into a crucial safety role? Join us as a Lifeguard where you'll excel as both a lifeguard and/or swim instructor.

With American Red Cross certifications in Lifeguard Training, First Aid, and CPR, you'll ensure patron safety, and we'll assess your skills pre-employment. Beyond water expertise, enforce facility policies for an enjoyable, secure environment. Your diligence will shape an exceptional patron experience.

For more information about the available positions, please visit our "Meet Us" section of our website.

Contact the Aquatic Team

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Nathan Bourke

Aquatics Director


93 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-5599


headshot of Troy Lubanski.

Troy Lubanski

Aquatics Coordinator


93 Alumni Arena

Phone: 716-645-5983