About Us

UB Recreation—where fun, wellness, and physical activity collide.

Who We Are

UB Recreation blends the power of fun, wellness, and physical activity to create an experience like no other. College life can be hectic, and we believe that every student deserves a break!

Our goal is to provide a diverse range of recreational activities that will help you unwind, tap into your spontaneous side, and build lasting memories. Our programs are packed with enjoyment, showcasing playful games, exciting challenges, and themed fitness events that really spark your creativity.

Check out our awesome fitness classes and chill yoga sessions tailored just for you. And when you're seriously needing a pick-me-up, dive into our state-of-the-art pool! Plus, our Intramural Sports leagues—like basketball, volleyball, and more—are where you can meet people, show your skills, and make lifelong buds.

Beyond physical activity lies the key to unlocking your true potential. Maximize your college experience and work where you play—enjoy the perks of being in the heart of all the action while getting paid!

We're here to smash limits, break barriers, and totally redefine the fun of staying active! The time is now, so grab your friends, and join us on this journey towards wellness and self-discovery.

exterior view of Alumni Arena.

Alumni Arena | UB North Campus Recreation Facility

exterior view of Clark Hall.

Clark Hall | UB South Campus Recreation Facility

Our Mission

At our core, we aim to ignite a passion for movement, inspire a vibrant outlook on life, and empower our campus community to fuel their inner champions. We are deeply committed to cultivating a secure, diverse, and inclusive environment to make wellness a thrilling adventure that you'll want to embark on every day.

UB Recreation—We Have Fun. We Play Hard. We Live Well.