Creative Arts Initiative Launch

Published October 22, 2015 This content is archived.

Dear University Community:

The University at Buffalo is pleased to launch the Creative Arts Initiative (CAI), a collaboration with Buffalo’s major art institutions and organizations that is dedicated to fostering creative production and engagement among UB students, faculty and staff, visiting artists, and Buffalo’s art community.

Buffalo is home to a vibrant creative arts culture, and UB is known nationally for producing innovative and excellent creative work and delivering unique educational opportunities across artistic media, which has drawn artists, writers and performers to our university for decades. UB’s CAI emerges from foundations of excellence in the arts and will attract new and established artists to the UB and Buffalo communities through an artist-in-residence program. The corresponding Arts One undergraduate course provides students with experiential learning opportunities to engage creative works in museums, galleries, and performing spaces and to interact directly with artists and members of Buffalo’s cultural community.

For more information, see the Reporter story.

UB is proud of the CAI and excited about all that will arise from it. We have a strong commitment to supporting expressions of creativity across the full spectrum of arts on campus and in Buffalo, and providing students with opportunities to interact directly with creative work and artists. A dynamic creative culture stimulates imagination and empathy, strengthening and enriching our entire university and community.



Charles F. Zukoski                                                                                        Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs