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LISC is a community development financial institution (CDFI) that drives investment to help transform neighborhoods that traditionally have not had support. Their mission is to identify and support the plans and visions neighborhood residents and organizations already have so that LISC and their partners can assist in building community capacity to realize these goals with various resources, tools, and funding mechanisms available. Learn More

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Social Determinants of Health in Buffalo

  • Poverty

    37% of Blacks in Poverty vs 19% of Whites

  • Educational Opportunity

    14% of Blacks Have Bachelor Degrees vs 36% of Whites

  • High Unemployment

    15% Rate Among Blacks, 5% Among Whites in Buffalo

  • Low Property Values/Poor Housing Stock

    Home Values $48K in Black Neighborhoods vs $138K in White

  • Access to Healthy Food

    Only One Grocery Store on Buffalo's East Side

  • 3/22/21

    Up to 6% lack health insurance and 50% receive Medicaid.

  • Disinvested Neighborhoods

    48% vacancy rate in Black neighborhoods vs 12% in White

  • Criminal justice system

    Arrests of Blacks five times greater than for Whites

  • Access to Public Transportation

    42% of East Side families own a car

  • Lead contamination in homes

    90% of housing is pre-1978 when lead paint was banned

  • Access to Recreational Facilities

    Limited access to recreational facilities

  • Internet access

    Many East and West Side homes lack internet access

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