April Community Partner Highlight

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.

The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo has been committed to helping individuals, families and organizations make their charitable goals a reality. The mission is to connect people, ideas and resources to improve lives in Western New York. That means being active in areas of impact and community change.

The work is made possible by Change Makers who serve as catalysts for change in our community through their generosity. They have been part of this region for a century. As a result, the Community Foundation is in a unique position to facilitate collaborative change by creating solutions to some of our community’s challenges. To facilitate long-term transformative change in our community, their board of directors embarks on a strategic planning process every five years to set the Community Foundation’s community goals. The current goals are education, racial equity, environment, arts and culture.  

Today, they work with more than 400 active clients and are carrying on the legacies of an additional 500 clients. Clients work with the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo  because they provide charitable assets and knowledge of the Western New York Community. Clients either come to them and know exactly what organizations and causes they want to support, or others utilize their team and experience to guide them as they establish a charitable legacy. The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo is accredited by the National Standards of U.S. Community Foundations for operational quality, client service and accountability in the community foundation sector, which confirms that they have met “the most rigorous standards in philanthropy.”  Feel free to read some of their client storiers here.