Our Vision and Mission


The vision of the institute is to ensure that wellness and social well-being become a reality for all people in Buffalo, including people of color residing in underserved neighborhoods and who are more likely to have serious, chronic and often preventable diseases, as well as significantly higher mortality rates.


The Community Health Equity Research Institute's Mission is to perform research to advance understanding of the root causes of health inequities and develop and test innovative solutions to eliminate health inequities in the region, with a focus on inequities experienced by African Americans.

This Institute is founded upon the principles of social justice.


  1. Facilitating and expanding multidisciplinary research focused on health disparities and health equity in the Buffalo area.
  2. Providing training opportunities to students and community members interested in pursuing careers in trans-disciplinary research on health disparities.
  3. Partnering with the community, including the Buffalo Center for Health Equity, to align the research with the region’s needs.