National Research Council

The Association of American Universities (AAU) collects the number of faculty members by institution receiving awards, fellowships, and memberships in the National Research Council (NRC) list of highly prestigious awards. That list includes: research/scholarship awards, teaching awards, prestigious fellowships or memberships in honorary societies. Previous years also included data for Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Newberry Library Fellowship, Studies at Athens Award, and Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award.

NRC award categories are broken down into four areas: arts and humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering, and life sciences.

Examples of NRC Prestigious & Highly Prestigious Awards

The Center for Measuring University Performance determines the Top American Research Universities by their rank on nine different measures: Total Research, Federal Research, Endowment Assets, Annual Giving, National Academy Members, Faculty Awards, Doctorates Awarded, Postdoctoral Appointees, and SAT Scores. The following awards are included in their metrics. 

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Award List by Department

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Early Career Award Opportunities

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Travel Fellowships

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