Focus Areas

In their initial meetings, the University Police Advisory Committee has developed preliminary areas of concern and interest. As the Committee's dialogue with the university and WNY communities continues, these areas may be adjusted to further reflect the experiences and issues of importance to the members of our communities. 

Areas of Concern/Interest

  • The committee is concerned about the deep mistrust that exists in many communities regarding police.
  • Committee members want to learn more about the nature of police relationships—both UPD and Buffalo Police—with the downtown campus.
  • The committee is interested in UPD's relationship with the community and people of color, including the nature of any existing complaints. 
  • The committee wants to learn more about students' personal experiences with UPD, particularly students who interact with officers more often. 


Chair Chiesa has created three subgroups to explore information gathering mechanisms for the group: town hall meetings, small listening sessions, and a campus survey.

Town Hall Meeting Subgroup: 
Andrea Manyon-Subgroup Chair
Justin Read
Chris Bragdon
Julius Gregg Adams
Despina Stratigakos

Small Listening Sessions Subgroup: 
Diane Elze-Subgroup Chair
Athena Mutua
Mickey Vertino
Luis Chiesa
Ariel June

Campus Survey Subgroup:
Lina Mu-Subgroup Chair
Nathan Daun Barnett
Joseph Hindrawan
Theresa McCarthy
Chris Barolomei
Bernarda Arias