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Charter Communications plan to acquire Time Warner Cable -- various UB professors weigh in on how this could impact consumers.  


Sometimes the federal government uses immigration checkpoints to enforce other areas of law enforcement, including the war on drugs, says UB law professor Rick Su.


Jerry Newman, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor in the School of Management, weighs in on the debate over the minimum wage in Los Angeles and nationwide.


A hyperlens, developed by UB's Natalia Litchinitser and a team of UB researchers, will allow scientists for the first time to see images beyond the diffraction limit, such as DNA strands and viruses.


Larger, heavier -- and more expensive -- vehicles fare better than smaller, lighter ones in collisions, according to a UB study.


A false tweet in 2013 sent financial markets into a tailspin. UB's Tero Karppi says we must better understand how social media is linked to decision making.


Native Americans have been protesting the use of Indian logos and nicknames by sports teams since the 1960s, says UB's Wendy Quinton.


The plan to raise Los Angeles' minimum wage to $15 per hour is a "monumental change," according to UB's Jerry Newman.


John Leddy, director of UB's Concussion Management Clinic, says it's not useful to grade concussions any longer because the initial treatment is the same: remove immediately from at-risk activity.


Area colleges and universities are making an effort to help students graduate in four years and UB is leading the charge.

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