Use of University Space for Non-Academic Purposes

Updated September 16, 2019

Requests for use of space for non-academic purposes comes from both university and non-university groups.  As a public institution of higher education, the University at Buffalo recognizes its responsibility to supplement its undergraduate, graduate and professional programs with extracurricular activities.  To permit the appropriate scheduling of facilities, and the observance of requirements for safety and financial responsibility, all requests for use of any type of university space or grounds — other than that required for scheduled academic, intramural and intercollegiate activities — must have a university sponsorship.

The university has preemptive priority on the use of all facilities. Academic use of space shall have preemptive priority over non-academic use. The exercise of preemptive priority where commitments have been made can only be authorized by the Office of the President.

Events sponsored by student organizations which either project an attendance of more than 400, or demonstrate by their scope and nature, possible risk to the health, safety or welfare of the participants or to the campus population, will be referred to Student Unions to apply for permit status.

The request for space is accepted or rejected on the basis of space availability, necessary services, review of the event for propriety and safety, and timely and properly executed documents of authorization.

The university requires all groups using campus space to abide by university guidelines and state laws concerning the exhibition and management of public events. The university does not take a position of the views expressed by speakers invited to our campus for the purpose of participating in an event held in university space.