Political Activity on Campus

Published October 28, 2022

As an academic institution, the University at Buffalo recognizes and welcomes the educational benefits of exposing students to political debate and information, including partisan political speech. We have made some of our facilities available to a wide range of outside speakers and expressive activities and, therefore, have legal obligations to open such facilities to political speech as well. In handling requests for permission to use campus facilities we must be guided by the principle of viewpoint neutrality and evenhanded treatment as to terms and conditions of use (i.e. rental charges, security costs, etc.).

Political Speech

With regards to political speech and speakers, the State University of New York has placed certain limits on access to its facilities. It has been longstanding State University policy to prohibit use of State University property for partisan political candidate fundraisers. This policy is consistent with our legal obligations, the educational mission of the state University, and other strong interests, such as avoidance of the inevitable impression of endorsing particular candidates.

Personal Political Activities

In accordance with SUNY policy, UB does not encourage or discourage personal political activities or donations among its employees. 

SUNY policy explicitly states that employees can make political donations and be active in campaigns during non-working hours. They cannot, however, use state resources and time for partisan political purposes. The university expects all employees to abide by this policy.

See Also

The following information is utilized by University at Buffalo staff as a guide in determining use of campus facilities for political activity: