Navigating Course Homepages

Familiarize yourself with the key navigation features on course homepages.

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Entering a Course

When you click on a course name in the My Courses widget or the course selector, you will be directed to that course’s homepage. You will know you have arrived at a course homepage when you see the course name and ID located next to the My Home and UB Learns icons in the top left corner of the page.

Course Navbar

Your instructor can customize the course navbar, so it may vary from course to course.

The course navbar is in the same location as the UB Learns Homepage navbar and contains links to course specific tools and resources.

The default navbar includes the following links:

Link Description
Course Home
Links you to the course homepage.
Content Links you to the content of the course, which can include readings, videos, assignments, quizzes and discussions.  
Announcements Link to the announcements tool where you can view all the active announcements in the course.
This drop-down menu provides access to all the active assessments in the course. Your instructor can also add links to the assessments in the course content. Assessments include assignments, discussions, quizzes, self-assessments and surveys.
Link to your grades and feedback for graded assessments. Your instructor decides when to publish the grade and feedback for each assessment.
Link to the class roster.
Class Progress
Link to the Class Progress tool that you can use to track your progress in the class. This tool displays information about your grades, content completed and assessments.

Course Banner and Widgets

The banner and widgets on the course homepage are located in the same places as those on the UB Learns Homepage. The banner on the course homepage will include the name of the course.

Your instructor can customize the banner and widgets in a course.