Maintaining J-1 Status

In order to maintain your J-1 legal status the following documents must be up to date:

  • Valid passport must be valid for a defined period of time and it must be valid at all times while you are in the U.S.
  • DS-2019 must be valid, check Section 3 on your DS-2019 for the dates of participation 
  • I-94 information must reflect that you are in J-1 status for "D/S"= duration of status
  • Current health insurance

You should carry copies of your passport biographic page, visa, DS-2019 and I-94 information. However, if you are traveling domestically or internationally you must carry your original immigration documents.

You are also required to report to UBIS any changes to your program as soon as possible. These changes include: address, e-mail and telephone number. You need to contact UBIS (645-2355 or send an e-mail to each time you move and within 10 days of your move so we can update your SEVIS record.  Other changes to your program that require notification to UBIS are:

  • Financial or insurance
  • Additional site of activity or changes in UB departments
  • Extension of or shortening of program
  • If you applied for the 212(e) home residency requirement waiver (failure to notify of this change could jeopardize extensions of status)
  • If your J-2 dependents departed earlier
  • If you will start a new program at a different institution
  • Any changes that may affect your ability to continue in your J-1 Exchange visitor program

Never work without authorization.

If a J-1 Scholar needs an extension of their DS-2019 in order to complete their research activity, the inviting UB department must submit an extension request to UBIS. The extension request must be received by UBIS at least 2 months before the current DS-2019 expires. The Extension form can be downloaded from (DS-2019 Extension Form)



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