Our Mission

At left, Margarita Dubocovich, SUNY Distinguished Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology and Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

UB Immigration Services collaborates with deans and department chairs, and with support units such as Human Resource Services, to facilitate the hiring and retention of the best foreign national faculty, researchers and post-doctoral scholars.

Hiring Support

UB Immigration Services provides University at Buffalo hiring units with an array of services related to the hiring process.  UBIS assists with proposed recruitment efforts, including review of advertising language, advisement regarding acceptable advertising venues and consultation services for prospective employees.  UBIS provides language to include in letters of offer to international faculty.  UBIS provides in-depth analysis of government approved salary levels for H-1B employees and permanent residents, as well as stipend support levels for J-1 scholars.  We advise departments on the proper visa status of prospective employees and exchange visitors and then we process the petitions, applications and forms necessary for the individuals to obtain their visas and statuses. 

Retention Support

Assisting with the retention of faculty and researchers at UB is a critical function of UBIS.  Every effort is made to ensure that UB's international faculty and researchers are in proper non-immigrant status throughout their time at UB.  Although UBIS utilizes various electronic methods to continuously monitor individuals' non-immigrant statuses, the effectiveness of these methods depends upon timely and accurate notification of changes in circumstances to UBIS by the relevant faculty members, researchers and sponsoring departments.  Some changes, such as a change in work location or change in salary, must be approved by UBIS before they can take place. 

UBIS is committed to long-term retention of international faculty and researchers through its highly effective Permanent Residency services.  Principally relying upon Special Handling filings for ladder faculty and Outstanding Professor/Researcher filings otherwise, UBIS prides itself in procuring permanent residency in the early stages of our scholars' careers, when access to grant funding is especially important. 

Compliance Support Services

UBIS develops and implements institution-wide immigration compliance policies and best practices. UBIS works closely with Human Resource Services and sponsoring units at UB to protect UB, faculty and researchers from inadvertent non-compliance with immigration regulations.  UBIS should be contacted in all instances where a possible violation of federal immigration regulations might occur in order that it may conduct a thorough review and, where necessary, advise on proper action.  Workshops on compliance in the J-1, H-1B and permanent residency programs are given by UBIS in order to assist departments to navigate this complex area.  Please check with our office for the next compliance workshop.

Educational Support Services

UB Immigration Services provides immigration workshops on a variety of matters including but not limited to how to choose the proper immigration status, UB's J-1 exchange visitor program, and outstanding professor/researcher permanent residency filings. It also holds immigration update workshops during fall and spring semesters.  Recent developments in case law, regulations, government practices, and government visa, petition, and application processing times are typically covered.  Where emergent circumstances exist, UBIS will issue timely alerts.