UB Immigration Services Legal Fee Schedule

Rates Effective February 8, 2021 

H-1B Cases RATE
H-1B Initial Filing at UB $1,705*
H-1B Extension $1,705*
H-4 Dependent  $300 (covers first dependent)
H-4 Dependent(s) $50 (covers each additional dependent)
O-1 Cases  RATE
O-1 Initial filing at UB  $4,075***
O-1 Extensions  $4,075***
O-3 Dependent $300 (covers first dependent) 
O-3 Dependent(s) $50 (covers each additional dependent)
Permanent Residency Cases RATE
EB-1 Outstanding Professor/Researcher  $5,400*** (Service fee will be billed in 3 phases)
PERM Special Handling $5,400**(Service fee will be billed in 4 phases)
PERM Other than Special Handling $6,700** (includes all stages and advertising costs). Generally not supported by UBIS unless hiring unit demonstrates compelling need for permanency filing.)(Service fee will be billed in 4 phases)
Adjustment of Status (I-485 application) dependent(s) applicant(s) $1,250*** (for each dependent) 
Visiting Scholars and Researchers  RATE

J-1 Initial Application and J-1


J-1 Extension $250***
J-2 Dependent(s)  $75 (one-time fee covers all dependents) 
Naturalization Cases RATE
Naturalization $1,400                         
Hourly Fees RATE
     First hour $100                                 
     Each additional hour $90                          

UB Immigration Services offers a number of additional immigrant and nonimmigrant filing services. Information regarding each service and associated costs is available by contacting us at (716) 645-2355.

The chart above reflects charges for University at Buffalo legal services. Legal service fees do NOT include charges assessed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

* Charges must be paid by the hosting department and may not be charged to the international scholar.

**A minimum of $1,500 must be paid by the hosting department. The remainder may be paid by the department or may be paid by the international scholar.

*** Charges may be paid by either the hosting department or the international scholar.


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