ZPY Technology, LLC

Three founders of ZPY Technology, LLC.

Three founders of ZPY Technology, LLC

Frustrated by inefficiencies within the hospital, specifically within the surgical areas, ZPY Technology, LLC is developing a system of integrated Bluetooth wristbands to streamline communication between patients and doctors. 

“We found inspiration from seeing how artificial intelligence and automation have led to process improvement in other industries, and we realized that healthcare was a huge market opportunity for these technologies,” said graduate biomedical informatics student, Jane Zhao.

The team also consists of Gene Yang, a graduate biomedical engineering student and Rafael Perez, an MBA student. Limitations of time and money have been their biggest challenges as student entrepreneurs but the help of mentors and advisors, both in and outside of Blackstone LaunchPad, has helped them push through with their idea. “We would not have arrived at this point without our team of supporters cheering us along in the background,” Zhao said.

ZPY Technology, LLC is a semifinalist in UB's Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition.