DNA Sequencing of Bacterial Genomes and Meta Genomes Isolated from Waterways in Western New York

Image of a petri dish with bacteria samples.

Work on an NIH funded project studying bacteria in WNY waterways

Project description

This project will support an NIH funded Science Education Partnership Award entitled "The Metagenomics Education Partnership: Harnessing the Power of Microbial Genome Sequencing and Big Data with High School Students and Teachers". The goals of the project related to UB student participation are to utilize community-linked citizen science involving metagenomic analyses of water samples in Western New York with underserved high school students, empowering them to assist in safeguarding local water resources for present and future generations and to allow high school students and teachers to sequence and analyze a microbial genome, supporting their explorations of Big Data, STEM and health-related careers related to genomics. Undergraduates in the lab will take part in activities to develop and refine standard operation procedures related to bacterial culture, genomic DNA isolation, sequencing library construction and DNA sequencing using Oxford Nanopore Technology. Opportunities will exist to directly or indirectly interact with area high school students and teachers to share their actives and/or to serve as role model mentors. 

Project outcome

Student work will be presented in a poster at the end of the semester and may lead to co-authorship on a manuscript describing the activities of the Metagenomics Education Partnership. 

Project details

Timing, eligibility and other details
Length of commitment About a semester (3-5 months)
Start time Anytime
In-person, remote, or hybrid?
Level of collaboration Small group project (2-3 students)
Benefits Research experience; academic credit
Who is eligible All undergraduate students with basic life sciences laboratory skills

Core partners

Project mentor

Stephen Koury

Research Associate Professor

Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences

26 Cary Hall

Phone: (716) 829-5188

Email: stvkoury@buffalo.edu

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Preparation activities

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Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences