Course Support

UB students at a water plant in Costa Rica

Engage the network. Enjoy the benefits.

Every experiential learning course is unique. The ELN is committed to supporting faculty by offering flexible and dynamic resources to address their unique needs and interests of every course. We offer a full range of support services including:

  • In-class presentations. Invite ELN team members to visit your class and talk to your students about the benefits of experiential learning. Presentations highlight offerings and invite students to connect with the ELN through mentoring, projects and our sophomore living learning community.
  • Curricular support. Need help designing a course or infusing experiential learning? We can share learning outcomes, course syllabi and assessment tools to help you. We can also review courses to be included in UB’s official experiential learning/AL offerings.
  • Funding support. Interested in infusing experiential learning within existing courses or incubating a new short-term study abroad course? Apply for funding today.
  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL). Would you like to develop an international partnership through COIL? Sign-up for an online orientation and start today.