Parent Programs

We believe in the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Parents of our program participate and are encouraged to partner with us in our mission of ensuring successful graduation for every student. Our goal is to create a strong network of parent advocates through fun, informative programs each year. Monthly meetings are set by our parent engagement coordinator. We also offer paint nights, book clubs and regular check-ins.

For more information, call 716-829-5678 or email

Paint Nite

Destress with the LPP staff by joining us in a virtual paint night! We have local artists walking us through the process of creating beautiful art pieces. The LPP staff will deliver all materials to your front steps. All you have to do is be there!

Aunt Connie’s Edu Kitchen

Learn about nutritional meals and create them with our local chef, Aunt Connie! Aunt Connie’s Edu Kitchen walks parents and students through each of her recipes, which are both delicious and quick.

Financial Aid Workshop

Financial aid can be confusing and stressful. Attend our workshops to learn more about submitting your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Financial aid professionals will help students and parents with filling out the application and will answer any questions.

Liberty Partnerships, wow what an experience! This program is filled with fun, easy-going participants. We have been lucky enough to participate for five years straight. From the beginning, they have kept Davon engaged in college tours, college residential summer programs, trips to Albany to help him learn about civic engagement and have offered activities for the family such as paint nights—ALL FREE! I, without hesitation, recommend this program to anyone. Thank you, Liberty Partnerships, you are family!

- Jhanel Q., parent