About Us

Providing access to a bright future.

The Liberty Partnerships Program (LPP) at the University at Buffalo was established in 1988 to address the significant high school dropout rate among youth in New York State.

LPP is a collaboration of 46 higher education institutions across New York State. This state program was founded on the belief that students will achieve academic success and lead productive lives as adults if they are provided with support, encouragement, information and effective interventions. To increase the high school graduation rate, we provide students with academic support, individual and family counseling, career counseling and guidance, and parent engagement. 

Our Services

Academic Support

Provide academic advising and tutoring to students through collaborative outreach and communication with district administrators, teachers, counselors and support staff.

Personal Learning Plans

Develop personalized learning plans with students that cater to their unique goals, strengths and needs.

Social and Emotional Skill Development

Foster the development of strong social- emotional skills through individualized and/or group learning activities in collaboration with outside community partners.

Leadership Development and Civic Engagement

Organize civic engagement opportunities that advance leadership skills and transition students into valuable community stakeholders.

College and Career Preparation

Engage students and families in college and career exploration. We offer assistance in college applications and ongoing career speaker series opportunities.

Case Management Support

Monitor students’ identified needs and collaborate with various agencies to secure resources and referrals during adverse life events. LPP counselors provide individualized support to students and families to develop positive support networks.

Individual & Family Counseling

Provide individual counseling and referrals for family counseling in conjunction with the school’s guidance and counseling departments and LPP’s on-staff licensed social worker.