Instructors can log into UB Course Evaluations to manage their evaluations, view reports and use an interactive dashboard to compare their results to aggregated results from other departments, academic units or all of UB.

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Evaluating Reporting

Course Evaluation Summary Reports are available online.

  • For mid-semester evaluations, reports are available online one day after the evaluation ends.
  • For end of semester evaluations, reports are available online one day after the deadline for posting grades.

Instructors and UBCE Administrators can log into UBCE to view reports and use interactive features that allow them to compare results within their department and to aggregated results from other departments, other academic units or all of UB.

Custom Instructor Questions

Instructors may add up to three questions to any of their individual course sections in addition to the core questions and unit custom questions.

Question Bank and PICES Catalogue of Likert-Scale Items

The Purdue Instructor Course Evaluation Service (PICES) is a course and instructor appraisal service. PICES provides a structured, computer-assisted method for easily generating and scoring questionnaires to collect student opinions about their instruction. 

myFocus Tool

This tool analyzes evaluation results and ranks them into categories from the instructor's weaker to strongest performance and pinpoints areas where improvement potential is the greatest. Instructors can create action plans to address specific areas of improvement. The tool also helps document best practices by building a knowledge for improvement.

Where an instructors' performance is strong, myFocus will invite them to give advice. It will capture actions, tips and techniques that the strongest instructors have used to excel in their evaluations through improvements in teaching and learning.

Explicit Bias in Results

UB is committed to ensuring equal employment, educational opportunity, and access to all individuals. If you believe your course evaluation comments contain discriminatory comments or slurs based on racial/ethnic identity, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, please use the link below to bring the matter to the attention of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for investigation and remediation.

Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

Reports are only released (after grades are due) if the response rate is at least 5 students. For questions or concerns about accessing feedback in the event your course has less than five students in it, please contact us at

Next Steps

Improving Student Response Rates

High student response rates are important for the success of UB Course Evaluations. High response rates give a more complete picture of the success of our instructors and our programs.

Additional Resources for Instructors