General Overview of the Course Evaluation Process

The UB Course Evaluations process runs on a continuous cycle throughout the academic year.

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Prior to the Start of the Evaluation

  • Unit-Level Coordinators and department schedulers review HUB data for primary and secondary instructor and TA accuracy as well as evaluation timing.
  • Custom unit/department/program and individual instructor custom questions are added.
  • Instructors review courses scheduled for evaluation and course rosters.

During Open Evaluation Administrations

  • Students complete their course evaluations or automatically receive reminders until evaluations close.
  • Instructors monitor response rates and encourage students to complete evaluations.

Reporting of Evaluation Results

  • Instructors automatically receive quantitative and qualitative reports by email.
  • Administrators, designees and instructors have access to reports and reporting features in UBCE.


  • Instructors and administrators use the results of evaluations to continually improve course content and teaching approaches.
  • The UBCE Advisory Committee reviews university-wide policies as well as processes and evaluation results to make recommendations for improvements.