Features of UBCE

UB Course Evaluations is an online assessment tool powered by SmartEvals technology.

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Centralized Online Evaluations

  • Students can easily and quickly complete evaluations for all of their courses.
  • Instructors and administrators can efficiently monitor the course evaluation process and view assessment results.


  • Course evaluations can be completed on any computer, reader, tablet or smartphone which is capable of running a modern web browser.

Automatic Email Notifications to Students and Instructors

  • Students will receive an email on the day that evaluations open, and those who have not completed evaluations will receive reminder emails until evaluations close.
  • Instructors will:
    • Be prompted with an email prior to evaluations opening to check that their course(s) appears on service, is properly enrolled, and scheduled appropriately.
    • Receive reminders during evaluations to monitor response rates and encourage students to complete evaluations.
    • Receive an email with a summary report that contains evaluation results.

Core and Custom Questions

  • Units, departments and programs can add up to 10 custom questions.
  • Instructors can add up to three custom questions for each course section taught.

Real-time Response Monitoring (for Instructors and Administrators)

  • Instructors and administrators can monitor class response rates in real time by logging into UB Course Evaluations.

Flexible Reporting Functionality

  • Charts that are easy to read and interpret.
  • Graphs and reports that give specific, targeted feedback.
  • One-click exportation of survey data into Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, XML, HTML or CSV.
  • Provides institutional research directors the ability to generate custom documents.

myFocus Teaching Effectiveness Tool

  • An innovative and unique tool, provided by SmartEvals, for helping instructors act on their course evaluation results.
  • Analysis of evaluation results helps instructors pinpoint where improvement potential is the greatest.
  • Opportunities for instructors to create action plans for areas of improvement.
  • Collection of tips and techniques that strong instructors have used to positively impact teaching and learning outcomes.