About UBCE

UB Course Evaluations is the standard system that helps to ensure consistency of information about teaching effectiveness from across the university. Course evaluation data is used to assess student attitudes about the quality of teaching.


  • View a list of currently open, recently closed and soon-to-open course evaluations.
  • Complete open course evaluations.


  • View details about the evaluations for their courses.
  • Add custom questions for soon-to-open evaluations.
  • Monitor the progress of open evaluations.
  • View reports for closed evaluations.

UBCE Administrators

  • Each decanal unit has one or more instructors or staff who manage the course evaluations for the unit and use tools for reporting on completed evaluations.
  • Unit-Level Coordinator
    • Provides communications.
    • Assigns Evaluation and Report Administrators.
  • Report Administrator
    • Accesses data.
    • Creates and view reports.
  • Department Schedulers
    • Assures HUB and evaluation records are properly formed.

Completed Studies

Throughout each academic year, staff from the Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation conduct studies to collect useful data which can be used to guide teaching and learning at UB.