UBCE Advisory Committee

Functions of the advisory committee

  • Advise the university on appropriate access and uses of online evaluation results.
  • Monitor the technical qualities of the items and instrument and recommend changes when necessary.
  • Provide guidance on responding to the issues and concerns arising from the operation of the course evaluation system.

UBCE support team representative

  • Cathleen Morreale
    Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness and Learning Analytics
    Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation

Advisory committee members

  • Tilman Baumstark
    Associate vice provost for faculty affairs
    Faculty Affairs
  • Ashlee E. Campbell
    Clinical assistant professor
    Department of Learning and Instruction, Graduate School of Education
  • Jessica Coram
    Associate director & deputy Title IX coordinator
    Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Elaine Davis
    School of Dental Medicine
  • Margaret Grinslade
    Assistant dean for undergraduate programs
    School of Nursing
  • Christine Human
    Associate dean for accreditation and student affairs
    Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • James Jensen
    Faculty senate committee representative
    Professor and faculty director
    Research Exploration Undergraduate Academy
  • Jeffrey Kohler
    Associate Director, Teaching Transformation
    Office of Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching Transformation    
  • Charles D. Lindsey
    Associate professor
    Marketing Department, School of Management
  • James Milles
    School of Law
  • Stefanos Papazaharias
    Assistant dean for undergraduate education
    College of Arts and Sciences
  • Keith Nichols
    Faculty senate committee representative
    Education Librarian
  • John Wood
    Interim vice provost
    International Education