Sending Your Packet

Prehealth Advising will upload your packet to the central application services after all letters are received in veCollect and you submit a release form. An applicant’s letter packets cannot be sent until a release form has been received. But please note that you are not able to submit the release form until you have opened your central application, as you will need certain applicant ID numbers. 

If you are a Prehealth Committee reapplicant and are now interested in having your packet be sent to an application, please first refer to our Prehealth Committee Reapplicants page for information on how to request an addendum for your Committee packet. 

If you would like your packet sent to a military recruiter for consideration of the Health Professions Scholarship program, or to a post-bac program, a release form also must be submitted.

This policy applies to all applicants within any cycle.