Prehealth Committee FAQs

Why was the decision made to end committee letters?

After carefully assessing our current services, reviewing our peer institutions and the landscape of the professional health program application process, we have decided to shift away from the current Prehealth Committee letter process. The university will provide more comprehensive services and individualized support in the critical months prior to and during the application process.

What are the consequences of not having a committee letter as part of my application?

UB is joining other leading universities and peer institutions that have also moved away from committee letters to increase advising support and help students to strengthen the various aspects of their professional applications.

It is important to note that if a professional school indicates an interest in a committee letter, this only applies to institutions that offer this service. Since UB will no longer be offering this letter, it will not affect your application. 

Will Prehealth still collect and submit my recommendation letters?

Yes! We will still be utilizing veCollect and will still have a system by which you can ask your recommenders to submit your letters. We will then package your letters with a cover letter and upload them to your applications for you.

How will professional schools know why I don’t have a committee letter?

We will include this information about this change on the cover letter that is sent along with your letter packet.

Will there be other opportunities to receive help and support as I apply to health professions schools?

Absolutely! We are currently developing a guided self-assessment process that applicants will pair with the letter collection service. This process will start in winter 2023. We will be holding informational sessions later in the fall 2023 semester.

We will continue to be available for individual appointments and will hold workshops on important topics such as writing the personal statement, completing the professional applications, and interviewing. We will also be bringing back the service of reviewing personal statements. 

I already came through the Prehealth Committee but will be reapplying. Can I still get an addendum to my committee letter?

Yes. For those who have already been evaluated by the Prehealth Committee, you can continue to apply for an addendum each application cycle for up to five years after your original Committee cycle. This process will remain the same.

I already came through the Prehealth Committee. Is it possible to get a letter packet submitted without my Committee letter?

The cover letter that we include with letter packets explains the change in process so that new applicants are not impacted. However, if you did take part in our Prehealth Committee, it would be dishonest to send in a packet that removes that evaluation letter. Therefore, our policy remains that we will assist you with an addendum, but we are unable to remove the letter from your packet. 

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

Prehealth Advisors are available to work with you on these changes. Please schedule an appointment through Navigate.