2023 Summer Fees

Registration for our summer 2023 tutoring program is closed. CLaRI will offer fall Saturday Morning One-to-one tutoring.


The minimum number of tutoring sessions is one (1) per week for five (5) weeks.  Families can purchase an additional tutoring session each week, if desired.  

1 tutoring session each week for 5 weeks - $300 (total amount)

2 tutoring sessions each week for 5 weeks - $600 (total amount)

Refunds will not be issued for any circumstance. Once registered, it is not possible to change the day of tutoring, change the time of tutoring, or get a refund for tutoring because you are not able to attend tutoring. A completed and signed CLaRI Payment Form stating that the parent/guardian understands CLaRI's no-refund policy must be on file to register a child for tutoring. Families that attended fall/spring tutoring must complete and sign a new CLaRI Payment Form prior to registering for summer tutoring.


Our teachers work very hard to create individualized instruction to meet the unique literacy needs of each child. Because planning and creating homework requires additional teacher time, homework is an additional cost. Indicate how much time each week you would like your child to spend on homework.  

  • 15 minutes each week - $30
  • 30 minutes each week - $60