Apply for Summer 2023 Tutoring

Summer 2023 Application Documents

Registration for our summer 2023 tutoring program is closed. CLaRI will offer fall Saturday Morning One-to-one tutoring.


Our summer application consists of three documents: (1) Registration Form, (2) Academic Information Form, and (3) Payment Form.  There is one additional document for individuals receiving virtual tutoring: Virtual Tutoring Procedures and Policies.  

Payment and all application documents are required to secure a summer tutoring spot. We are not able to hold a tutoring spot without payment.  

CLaRI only accepts electronic payments via credit card. Once your application has been received and processed to ensure there is a tutoring spot, you will be emailed a payment link. Once we receive your payment, your application will be finalized and a confirmation letter will be emailed to you. 

The application deadline is Friday, June 16th, 2023; however, registration can close earlier if our program is full. 

Submitting Your Application

Parents can choose to send in the application one of two ways.

  1. Parents can send in the completed parent and teacher components of the application.
  2. Parents and teacher(s) can send in their respective components separately.

If the latter method is used, placement cannot be secured until a completed application is on file. School documents alone cannot secure placement.

Application documents can be submitted to Dr. Ashlee Campbell, via: