Focus Areas

Our research spans several focus areas related to cell, gene and tissue engineering and brings together investigators from biomedical, biological, chemical, and industrial engineering backgrounds with faculty from medical fields such as oral biology, rehabilitation science, neurosurgery, and geriatric medicine to create a truly collaborative approach to regenerative medicine. 

Areas of Investigation

UB team members have received $1.8 million in new funding, to further study and develop materials called membranes that can separate carbon dioxide (CO2) from other gases. This technology could help factories and power plants cut down the amount of carbon they release. US Researchers leading this are Haiqing Lin, PhD of SEAS chemical and biological engineering and Timothy Cook, PhD, of CAS Chemistry. Photographer: Douglas Levere.


Confocal image of mature neuromuscular junctions.

Cell and Tissue Biomechanics

MRI machine.

Novel Imaging Technologies

Detail of laser dual-heads, for the two high-speed (1 kHz) 30mJ/pulse Nd:YLF (527 nm) lasers.

High-Throughput Data Acquisition Technologies



Students swabbed their cheeks, then extracted the DNA from the cheek cells. Close-up photo of a student using a pipette to fill his vile.

Gene, Protein, Drug Delivery (includes novel vectors, vaccines and CRISPR technologies)

big data.

Omics (Genomics, Proteomics, Glycomics) and associated Systems/ Computational/ Big Data Engineering