B. Rita Alevriadou Laboratory

pipetting in lab.

Areas of Interest

  • Stem Cells/Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Novel Imaging Technologies

The Vascular Mechanobiology Laboratory directed by Dr. B. Rita Alevriadou, Empire Innovation Professor in Biomedical Engineering, has made significant contributions in delineating the subcellular and molecular mechanisms by which vascular cells, especially endothelial cells (ECs), sense and respond to changes in their mechanochemical environment in health and disease. Emphasis is on the role of fluid shear stress and stretch on endothelial (dys)function, intracellular signaling, and redox/mitochondrial biology. The goal of researchers in this lab is to identify novel molecular targets that may lead to better prevention or treatment of cardiovascular diseases/conditions, such as athero­scle­ro­sis/heart disease, ischemia/re­perfusion in­jury, hypertension, diabetes, and aging.