Master's Program Requirements


Master's Program Requirements

Requirements for the MA degree are courses amounting to 30 hours of graduate credit including a Master's project under the supervision of a member of the philosophy faculty. Courses within the Department are normally counted on a three-hour-per-course basis. Courses may also be taken outside the Department with advance approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.

Although the MA degree is intended as a terminal degree for students admitted to the MA program, students who wish to continue may apply to the PhD program once the requirements for the MA have been fulfilled. Under certain circumstances, students in the PhD program may be required to write an MA thesis before continuing with the PhD work.

Further details about the Graduate Program in Philosophy can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements

The Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements apply to all graduate students who are newly admitted to the program. The handbook contains the department’s rules and requirements, and offers advice to help students succeed in UB’s graduate philosophy program. The handbook is divided into two parts. Part 1 states the rules and requirements; Part 2 offers advice regarding the rules and requirements and strategies to promote graduate student success.

The graduate student handbook is available here.

Students are responsible for being familiar with department and university rules; the latter are available from the graduate school's policy library, here.

University rules supersede those of the department. 

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