Lewis M. Powell

Associate Professor
Ph.D., USC

Contact Information:

113 Park Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0148
Email: lewispow@buffalo.edu

Personal Website:
Lewis M. Powell
Lewis M. Powell

Portrait of Professor Powell at the podium.

Areas of Specialization

Early Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Language

Current Research

David Hume’s account of cognition and John Locke’s philosophy of language


Seminar in History of Modern

Introduction to Philosophy

Early Modern Philosophy

Selected Publications

  • “Locke, Hume, and Reid on the Objects of Belief”, History of Philosophy Quarterly 35 (1): 21-38. January, 2018
  • “Speaking Your Mind: Expression in Locke’s Theory of Language” Meaning and Publicity Protosociology 34: 15-30. 2017
  • “Thomas Reid on Signs and Language”, Philosophy Compass 12 (3). (2017)
  • “Hume’s Treatment of Denial in the Treatise”, Philosopher’s Imprint 14 (26):1-22 (August 2014)  
  • How to Avoid Mis-Reid-ing Hume’s Maxim of Conceivability” Philosophical Quarterly 63 (250):105-119 (2013) 
  • How to Refrain from Responding to Kripke’s Puzzle about Belief” Philosophical Studies 161 (2):287-308 (2012)