Maureen Donnelly


Maureen Donnelly.

Maureen Donnelly


Maureen Donnelly


Associate Professor

Areas of Specialization

Metaphysics, Formal Ontology, Bioinformatics

Contact Information

127 Park Hall

UB North Campus

Buffalo NY, 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0143

Fax: (716) 645-6139


PhD, Texas (Austin)

Current Research

Mereology, ontology, persistence, time, spatial and temporal relations, vagueness


  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Philosophy in Literature
  • The Mereological Structure of Material Objects
  • Time, Tense, and Temporal Perspective
  • Theories of Persistence

Selected Publications

  • Donnelly, M. (2019) The Cognitive Value of Literary Perspectives, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism.
  • Donnelly, M. (2016) Positionalism Revisited. In A. Marmodoro and D. Yates (eds.) The Metaphysics of Relations, Oxford University Press.
  • Donnelly, M. (2014) A Linguistic Account of Mereological Vagueness. In K. Akiba and A. Abasnezhad (eds.)Vague Objects and Vague Identity, Springer.
  • Donnelly, M. (2011) Using Mereological Principles to Support Metaphysics, Philosophical Quarterly 61: 225-246.
  • Donnelly, M. (2011) Endurantist and Perdurantist Accounts of Persistence, Philosophical Studies 154:  27-51.
  • Donnelly, M. (2010) Parthood and Multi-Location. In D. Zimmerman (ed.) Oxford Studies in  Metaphysics, Vol. 5: 203-243.
  • Donnelly, M. (2009) Mereological Vagueness and Existential Vagueness, Synthese 168: 53-79.
  • Donnelly, M. and T. Bittner (2009) Summation Relations and Portions of Stuff, Philosophical Studies 143: 167-185.