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The Department of Philosophy offers doctoral studies in most recognized subdisciplines and historical periods of philosophy. Our PhD program is designed to prepare students for teaching and for carrying out original research in the field.

The Department is distinguished by its unusually wide range of special interests and orientations in philosophy, and by the high degree of faculty-student interaction both in scholarly enterprises and in departmental affairs. We have nationally-recognized researchers in aesthetics, the history of philosophy, philosophy of language, and metaphysics.

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Informal portrait of Dr. Braun.

David Braun

Director of Graduate Studies; Professor and Patrick & Edna J. Romanell Chair

Department of Philosophy

115 Park Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-0162


Elizabeth Lesny.

Elizabeth Lesny

Graduate Administrator

Department of Philosophy

136A Park Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260-4150

Phone: (716) 645-2970; Fax: (716) 645-6139


The Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements apply to all graduate students who are newly admitted to the program.
The Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements apply to all graduate students who are newly admitted to the program.
Openings for academic positions teaching philosophy at the college level are highly competitive. In recent years the ratio of potential candidates to available openings was as extreme as 8 to 1. This could equate to more than 2,000 candidates for fewer than 250 openings.
Ontology is a foundational discipline of philosophy that has its origins in ancient Greece and is represented in our own day by the work of analytical metaphysicians such as David Armstrong and Kit Fine.
Applications are welcome from students whose philosophical interests are consonant with any of the areas studied within the Department.
PhD students who wish to apply for financial aid are encouraged to apply before January 2 for Fall enrollment. At this time, MA students are not eligible for financial aid.
Browse our current and past graduate course offerings.
This directory is a listing of current graduate students.
The Philosophy Department has several prizes that are awarded annually to our graduate students. The awards, made possible by the generous support of benefactors, include:
This page contains a selection of publications authored by UB Philosophy graduate students who are currently enrolled or recently graduated.
The Graduate Philosophy Association (GPA) is active in promoting a positive environment for the student community and promoting interaction with the larger philosophical community. Our graduate students usually host at least one conference per academic year.