The University at Buffalo Department of Philosophy is distinguished by its deep focus on core research strengths, allowing students to work at the cutting edge with leading scholars. Our department excels in cross-disciplinary philosophical research, including the growing fields of philosophy, politics and economics (PPE) and applied ontology. Our graduate students benefit from individual faculty mentorship, extensive opportunities for community engagement and professional development, and an active scholarly community.

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  • Graduate Admission
    Applications are welcome from students whose philosophical interests are consonant with any of the areas studied within the Department.
  • Doctoral Program Requirements
    The equivalent of 24 courses beyond the BA (including seminar, tutorial, and dissertation credit) is required for the PhD. Students who have done previous graduate work elsewhere may have some of those credits transferred for the degree here. (Transfer credit is determined on an individual basis by the Director of Graduate Studies.)
  • Master's Program Requirements
    Requirements for the MA degree are courses amounting to 30 hours of graduate credit including a Master's project under the supervision of a member of the philosophy faculty. Courses within the Department are normally counted on a three-hour-per-course basis. Courses may also be taken outside the Department with advance approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.
  • Placement Record
    Openings for academic positions teaching philosophy at the college level are highly competitive. In recent years the ratio of potential candidates to available openings was as extreme as 8 to 1. This could equate to more than 2,000 candidates for fewer than 250 openings. The opposite is true about job openings in the professional field of Applied Ontology, where the ratio of potential candidates to available openings is estimated in the range of 1 to 8. This could equate to fewer than five candidates for dozens of job openings in this field.
  • Ontology Focus
    The University of Buffalo is a world center of research in applied ontology, opening the doors for our graduate students to successful careers in informatics and data science in fields such as biomedicine, finance, defense and security.
  • Financial Aid and Funding
    PhD students who wish to apply for financial aid for Fall 2024 enrollment are encouraged to complete their applications well before the January 2, 2024 deadline. Their supporting materials (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) must also be submitted by January 2, 2024. At this time, MA students are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Graduate Courses
    Browse our current and past graduate course offerings.
  • Graduate Student Awards
    The Philosophy Department has several prizes that are awarded annually to our graduate students. The awards, made possible by the generous support of benefactors, include:
  • Graduate Student Publications
    This page contains a selection of publications authored by UB Philosophy graduate students who are currently enrolled or recently graduated.
  • Graduate Student Philosophy Association
    The Graduate Philosophy Association (GPA) is an organization representing philosophy graduate students attending the University at Buffalo (UB). We sponsor graduate students for conferences, organize events, and represent the interests of the graduate students in the department. The GPA is active in promoting a positive environment for the student community and promoting interaction with the larger philosophical community.