Fall 2023

  • Departmental Colloquium
    Join us for the Philosophy Department Colloquium. Our events take place on selected Friday afternoons, from 4:00 to 6:00pm, in the Philosophy Seminar Room, Park Hall 141. Contact Prof. Lewis Powell,
  • Romanell Workshops
    The Bioethics Workshop Series is hosted by the Romanell Center for Clinical Ethics and the Philosophy of Medicine. The workshops connect to the Center's robust tradition of organizing academic events that expand collaborative research while reflecting a focus on bioethics in today's complex health care concerns.

Spring 2023

May 23 to 25, 2023: Join us for the Basic Formal Ontology Summit Meeting which brings together researchers who have played an important role in the development and application of BFO. Participants aim to: highlight the practical impact and value of using BFO as a top-level architecture; identify outstanding issues experienced by users of BFO; and, to begin the creation of a set of BFO-conformant ontologies in the domain of government policy and data. Learn more.

Lewis Powell: “Style vs. Substance in Early Modern Philosophy”

Lewis Powell.

Lewis Powell

Scholars@Hallwalls presented by the UB Humanities Institute
February 10, 2023,  341 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
Abstract: John Locke called figurative language and the art of rhetoric an abuse of language used “for nothing else but to insinuate wrong ideas, move the passions, and thereby mislead the judgment”.  Meanwhile, the 17th and 18th centuries were a flourishing time for a huge variety of philosophical styles: dialogues, poems, plays, epistles, and so on.  Locke’s vision of proper philosophical style has largely won out.  In this presentation, Powell explores some philosophical conflicts surrounding allegedly clear and plain-meaning writing in opposition to more literary/rhetorical forms. Profile.