Apart from sponsoring art exhibitions, the Capen Chair also sponsors seminars and lectures throughout the year.

  • 2019 Conference & Book Launch
    The Capen Chair 2019 Conference,  “A Collection of Individuals: The Philosophical Legacy of Jorge J. E. Gracia”, brought together fifteen distinguished speakers, UB Alums, each of whom wrote their dissertation under Gracia's supervision. The event was held in the context of a SUNY Press book launch for an intellectual memoir by Jorge Gracia. 
  • 2017 Capen Lectures & Seminars
    The Capen Chair sponsors lectures and seminar in the Fall. In addition, the Chair sponsors other lectures by both established and younger scholars throughout the year to encourage the dialogue across disciplines and to maintain UB faculty and students up to date on recent developments.
  • 2016 Capen Lectures & Seminars
    The Capen Chair often sponsors a three-day seminar in the Fall. It usually consists of three lectures delivered on subsequent days by a distinguished speaker who addresses important topics in philosophy and contemporary society.
  • 2015 Capen Lectures
    Time: 4:00 to 6:00pm
    UB North Campus, 640 Clemens Hall
    (Skype-cast locations as listed)
  • Capen Lectures & Seminars since 2009
    Fall 2017 Capen Lectures
    José Medina, Northwestern University
    Taking responsibility for racial violence: Shooting the racial imagination, Lecture 1
    Racist Propaganda and Epistemic Activism , Lecture 2
  • Capen Conferences & Symposia since 1986
    The Capen Chair regularly sponsors conferences and symposia on special topics, lasting from one to three days. Participants include senior and junior scholars so as to promote discussions across different generations and disciplines. The topics vary from the technical and specialized to the more popular and current.
  • Visiting UB
    The Capen Chair sponsors events on campus that are free and open to the public.