Capen Lectures & Seminars since 2009

Fall 2017 Capen Lectures
José Medina, Northwestern University
Taking responsibility for racial violence: Shooting the racial imagination, Lecture 1
Racist Propaganda and Epistemic Activism , Lecture 2

Fall 2016 Capen Lectures: Agency and Suffering—Women Then and Now
Christia Mercer, Columbia University
Meditating on Truth: How women changed the course of philosophy 1300-1600 and laid the groundwork|
for Descartes’ Meditations, Lecture 1
Early modern women, suffering and agency: The Case of Anne Conway (1631-79), Lecture 2
Race, Gender, and Suffering in the Prison Industrial Complex, Lecture 3

Fall 2016 Capen Lecture Series: Philosophy and Its History
Barry Smith, University at Buffalo
"Philosophome: The Future of the History of Philosophy"

Thomas D. Sullivan, University of St. Thomas
“Philosophy Unshackled”

Russell F. Pannier, William Mitchell College of Law
“Burying the philosophical past: Reflections on the endlessly recurring philosophical impulse to start all over again."

Carlos Alberto Sanchez, San Jose State University
"Mexican Philosophy and the Trope of Authenticity"

Robert Gooding-Williams, Columbia University
"History of African American Political Thought and Antiracist Critical Theory"

Fall 2015 Capen Lectures: Facing Ferguso
Paul C. Taylor, Pennsylvania State University
Facing the Fire: On Mr. James Baldwin and Others, Lecture 1
Facing Foolishness: On Philosophy and the Academy, Lecture 2
Facing the Future: What Will Happen To All That Beauty?, Lecture 3

Fall 2014 Capen Seminar: On Life
Juan Manuel Gamido, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile
The Knowledge of Life, Lecture 1
The Poetry of Life, Lecture 2
The Promise of Life, Lecture 3

Fall 2013 Capen Symposium: Metaphysical Fundamentals
Lynn Baker, University of Massachuetts
Jorge J. E. Gracia, University at Buffalo
John Heil, Washington University
Ted Sider, Cornell University
Erwin Tegtmeier, University of Mannheim, Germany
Javier Cumpa, University at Buffalo

Fall 2013 Capen Seminar: Navigating Race Theory Today
Linda Martin Alcoff, Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center
The Future of Whiteness, Lecture 1
Anti-Latino Racism, Lecture 2
A Realist Theory of Social Identity, Lecture 3

Fall 2012 Capen Seminar: Racist Logics
Robert Bernasconi, Penn State University
I am also a racist, Lecture 1
I am not a racist, but…, Lecture 2
I do not see race, Lecture 3

Fall 2011 Capen Seminar
Andrés Claro, Universidad Chile
The Arts of Language as Political Resistance and Transcendental Revolution: The Great Traditions of Love Poetry

Fall 2010 Capen Seminar: Time, Desire, Affec
David Marriott, University of California, Santa Cruz
History of Consciousness Program
The Exile of Black Representation, Lecture 1
The Black Time-Image, Lecture 2
Whither Fanon? The Afterlife of Postcolonial Sovereignty, Lecture 3

Fall 2009 Capen Seminar
Mirta Kupferminc, Arist - Buenos Aires
From Words to Images: A Jewish View on Borges
Jorge J.E. Gracia, University at Buffalo
Carlos Estévez's Images of Thought

Spring 2009 Capen Lecture
Andrés Claro, Universidad Chile
Broken Vessels: Philosophical Implications of Poetic Translation (The Limits, Hospitality, Afterlife and Marranism of Languages)