2015 Capen Lectures

Paul C. Taylor, Facing Ferguson

Time: 4:00 to 6:00pm
UB North Campus, 640 Clemens Hall
(Skype-cast locations as listed)

October 19, Monday: Lecture 1
Facing the Fire: On Mr. James Baldwin and Others
Seminar: 640 Clemens Hall
(Skype-cast: 201A Capen Hall, inside the library)

October 20, Tuesday: Lecture 2
Facing Foolishness: On Philosophy and the Academy
Seminar: 640 Clemens Hall
(Skype-cast: 143 Park Hall)

October 21, Wednesday: Lecture 3
Facing the Future: What Will Happen To All That Beauty?
Seminar: 640 Clemens Hall
(Skype-cast: 201A Capen Hall, inside the library)

All lectures are free and open to the public.

Police officers using tear gas during the first wave of the Ferguson unrest. Ferguson Day 6, Picture 44. Created: August 17, 2014  CC BY-SA 4.0

Paul C. Taylor.

Paul C. Taylor

Paul C. Taylor teaches philosophy at Pennsylvania State University, where he also directs the Program on Philosophy After Apartheid at the Rock Ethics Institute. Taylor received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Morehouse College and his PhD in philosophy from Rutgers.

Taylor writes on aesthetics, race theory, Africana philosophy, pragmatism, and social philosophy, and is the author of the book Race: A Philosophical Introduction (Polity, 2004). He recently co-edited a special issue of The Journal of Social Philosophy (with Ronald Sundstrom) on critical philosophy of race, and is currently at work on a book entitled Black is Beautiful: A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics (under contract, Blackwell).