Graduate Student Philosophy Association

The Graduate Philosophy Association (GPA) is an organization representing philosophy graduate students attending the University at Buffalo (UB). We sponsor graduate students for conferences, organize events, and represent the interests of the graduate students in the department. The GPA is active in promoting a positive environment for the student community and promoting interaction with the larger philosophical community. 

Contact: Noah Kim, GPA President,

Spring 2024 Philosophy Research Forum

Presentations by our graduate students in the Spring 2024 Philosophy Research Forum include:

  • Jan 26- Vi “What are we doing when we start inquiry: Expected Utility and Starting Inquiry 
  • Feb 2- Jaron Cheung “The Game of Nonviolence: Passivity, Violence, and the Third Way”
  • Feb 7- Noah Kim “Social Norms Analysis of Racial Stereotypes” 
  • Feb 14- Sean Kindya “Aesthetic Descriptions of Character Indicate Aesthetic Character Evaluation”
  • Feb 21- Finn Wilson “How Ontologies Fight Bias: And How They Can Still Be Biased”
  • Feb 28- Fede Donato aka Fede Doremi “Metaphysics of Information”
  • Mar 6- Jieming Yu "Restall's Challenge and a Metaphysical Possible-World Approach"
  • Mar 13- Matthew Jones “Why Get a PhD & Why in Philosophy?”
  • Mar 27- Giacomo DeColle "City Ontologies"
  • Apr 3- Delaney “The Right to Destroy Cultural Property under NAGPRA”
  • Apr 10- Ryan Muldoon "Why PPE and the Future of the Field"
  • Apr 17- Jisoo Seo “Epistemic Injustice in Race Representations”
  • Apr 24- Finn Wilson “Ontology of Death and Dying (ODD)
  • May 1- Katie Johnson "TBA"


Tower of Babel.

Painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Tower of Babel (Rotterdam), courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.