Graduate Student Directory

Baird Point and Lake La Salle at dusk (the blue hour) on North Campus in the fall of 2018. Photographer: Douglas Levere.

The UB Department of Philosophy is pleased to present on this page
the current directory listing of our graduate students.

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Noah Kim, GPA President,

Academic Year 2023-2024

Directory Listing of Current Graduate Students


Updated April 3, 2024


Portrait forthcoming

Alexander Anderson, BA, MA, Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Interests:   Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy, and Metaphysics

Carter-Beau Benson.

Carter-Beau Benson

Carter-Beau Benson, BA, University at Buffalo
Interests: Bioethics and Pluralism

Jaron Cheung.

Jaron Cheung

Jaron Cheung, BA Public Policy, University of California, Riverside; MTS, Duke University
Interests: Ethics, Moral Psychology, Metaphysics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Race, and American Pragmatism

Giacomo DeColle.

Giacomo DeColle

Giacomo DeColle, BA, Trento’s University, Italy
Interests: Complex systems, Philosophy of AI, Applied Ontology

Botan Dolun.

Botan Dolun

Botan Dolun, BSc, University of Florida; MA Bogazici University, Turkey
Interests: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Action, Metaethics
Personal website

Social Impact Fellowship (2023), CAS, University at Buffalo

Federico Donato.

Federico Donato

Federico Donato, BA, Philosophy, State University of Milan, Italy; 
MA, Philosophy, Catholic University of Milan, Italy
Interests: Metaphysics, Applied Ontology

Shane Hemmer.

Shane Hemmer

Shane Hemmer, BA SUNY Fredonia; MA University at Buffalo
Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Bioethics, Epistemology

Katrina Johnson.

Katrina Johnson

Katrina Johnson, BA Philosophy, Politics, Economics, SUNY College at Oswego, Oswego, NY

Social Impact Fellowship (2023), CAS, University at Buffalo

Matthew Jones.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones, BA, East Stroudsburg University
Interests: Metaphysical Topics, Time, Traditional Ontology, and Causation


Sean Kermath.

Sean Kermath

Sean Kermath, BA, Philosophy, University of Michigan, MA, Philosophy, Western Michigan University
Interests: Political Philosophy, Ethics

Noah Kim.

Noah Kim

Noah Kim, BA, Political Science, University of Maryland; MA, Philosophy, Biola University, La Mirada, CA
Interests: Ethics, Political Philosophy, and History of Philosophy

Social Impact Fellowship (2023), CAS, University at Buffalo

Sean Kindya.

Sean Kindya

Sean Kindya, BA, Philosophy, SUNY Binghamton
Interests: Metaphysics, Logic, Epistemology

Austin Liebers.

Austin Liebers

Austin Liebers, BA St. Lawrence University
Interests: Metaphysics, Metaethics, and Aesthetics


Portrait forthcoming

Ta-Yuan (Scott) Luan, BSc, MSc Stanford, JD George Washington Law School
Interests: Theory of Artifacts, Ontology, Philosophy of Law

Delaney McNulty.

Delaney McNulty

Delaney McNulty, BS, University of Utah
Interests: Problem of Freewill, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, and Philosophy of Psychology

Joshua Merlo.

Joshua Merlo

Joshua Merlo, BA, MA, Franciscan University of Steubenville, MA University at Buffalo

Interests: History of Philosophy (Medieval and Modern), Philosophy of Religion


Portrait forthcoming

Emanuel Mora-Moreno, BA Whitman College, MA Yale University, MDiv/STM Union Theological Seminary
Interests:  History of Philosophy, Ancient (Plato, Aristotle), Early Modern (esp. Spinoza, Hume) Kant, Hegel, American Pragmatism (esp. Neo-Pragmatism)


Portrait forthcoming

Andrew Pfeuffer, BA LaRoche College; MA Franciscan University of Steubenville

Interests: Kant, Rationalism, Modern Philosophy, Bioethics, Ethics, Philosophy of Medicine, and Philosophy of Science

Jisoo Seo.

Jisoo Seo

Jisoo Seo,  BA, MA, Philosophy, Yonsei University, Korea
Interests: Applied Ontology, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics

Gloria Sanso.

Gloria Sanso

Gloria Sanso, BA and MA in Philosophy, University of Turin, Italy
Interests: Applied Ontology, Philosophy of Language

Jonathan Vajda.

Jonathan Vajda

Jonathan Vajda, BA in psychology and philosophy, Central Michigan University; MA in religion, Westminster Theological Seminary; MA in philosophy, Western Michigan

Interests: Early Modern, Metaphysics, Ethics

Personal website


Portrait forthcoming

Vi Vonderhaar, BA, New York University; MA , University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

Finn Wilson.

Finn Wilson

Finn Wilson, BA Philosophy, D’Youville College
Interests: Bioethics, Personal Identity, and Early Modern Philosophy

Peihong (Karl) Xie.

Peihong (Karl) Xie

Peihong (Karl) Xie, BA Philosophy, MA Philosophy of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Jieming Yu.

Jieming Yu

Jieming Yu, LLB, East China University of Political Science and Law; LLM, Georgetown University Law Center; MA, New York University
Interests: Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Language, Topics in Metaphysics: Vagueness and Modality