Festus Adegbola

Festus Adegbola.


BSc, 2021, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Research Interests:

Remote Sensing, Species Conservation, Ecology

Grants and Awards:

Abraham Woldenberg Field Scholarship 2023


Festus is a PhD student specializing in Earth Systems Science. His research interests revolve around spatial ecology and conservation. His research questions are motivated by the goal of safeguarding endangered species and rehabilitating deteriorating ecosystems. He plans to achieve this by employing remote sensing techniques in addressing ecological questions and by proposing sustainable management strategies to ultimately facilitate ecosystem restoration.

Recent Courses Taught: 

GEO 105LAB Earth, Environment, and Climate and Lab


Adegbola, F. O., Ayodele, I. A., Iwajomo, S. B., & Adeyanju, T. A. Predictors of West African urban bird species richness and composition. African Journal of Ecology.