Meet Our PhD Students

  Name Email Areas of Study
  Festus Adegbola
Remote Sensing, Species Conservation, Ecology
  Poushali Bhattacharjee Urban and Regional Planning, International Development Studies
  Greg Bream
Ecohydrology, Trait-Based Ecology, Climate Change
  Qingqing Chen Urban Data Science; Spatial Analysis and Visualization; Non-visual Sensory Measuring; Social Media and Big Data
  Christina Coyle-Lenz
  Drumond Dzakuma Medical geography, Non-communicable diseases, Urban health, Health disparities, Migration, Socio-spatial determinants of health, Substance use, Healthcare waste, Spatial epidemiology. 
  Faithwin Gbadamosi
Environmental epidemiology, Sustainability, Global health
  Adam Grodek Fluvial Geomorphology, GIS, geospatial data, machine learning/deep learning, fish, experimental methods
  David Karp Urban Geography, City & Regional Planning, Spatial Statistics, GIS
  Jiyeon Kim GIS, GeoAI, Disaster Resilience, Walkability
  Xunhuan Li
Poverty reduction and environmental restoration, rural land management, uneven development, rural sustainability
  Jianqiao Liu Remote Sensing, Agroforestry classification, Water quality monitoring
  Ying Lu Large-scale mangrove monitoring, Individual tree delineation, Remote Sensing, Google Earth Engine, machine learning and species distribution modelling
  Jing Miao
Remote sensing; Mangrove ecology
  Collin O'Connor Vector Ecology, Spatial Epidemiology, Spatial Statistics, Medical Entomology
  Yujia Pan GIScience, Spatial Networks and Social Networks
  Jay Roorbach Hazards, Risks, and Disasters - Emergency Management
  Caitlyn Sears Economic and Development geography
  Shuyang Sun
Sustainable development, International trade and uneven development, Feminist geography, Social-ecological sustainability, Environmental justice, Agri-food system and Agroecology, Immigration
  Jonathan Townsend Bat Biogeography and Ecology
  Amanda Waggoner Critical GIS, socioeconomic disparities, music, culture, musicology
  Boyu Wang
Agent-Based Modeling, GIScience, Machine Learning, Urban Simulation
  Suiyuan Wang Remote Sensing & GIScience, Fine-scale Population estimation, Coupled Human-Environment Interaction
  Yifan Wang Geospatial Ontology, Disaster Management, Spatial Semantics
  Jong Seo Won Population Geography, demoraphy
  Mollie Wugetemole Formal ontology; Spatial ontology; Spatial and spatio-temporal representation and reasoning; Formal theories of geographic information
  Zhenqi Zhou GeoAI, Disaster Resilience, Public Health, Urban Analytics, and Human Mobility