Faithwin Gbadamosi

Faithwin Gbadamosi.


BS, Human Geography, 2021, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Research Interests:

Environmental epidemiology, Sustainability, Global health


Faithwin is a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Jared Aldstadt in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo. Her research is centered on the convergence of sustainability, health, and the economy. Her approach harnesses the power of geomatics to gain insights into the intricate relationship between spatial dynamics and environmental factors. Overall, her research interests include environmental epidemiology, global health, and geographic information systems for exposure assessment. Prior to starting her PhD, Faithwin explored diverse sectors, including energy and telecommunications, providing her with firsthand insights into these sectors and the critical need for sustainable practices. This experience solidified her unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and health.

Recent Courses Taught: 

GEO 105 Lab: Earth, Environment & Climate Lab


Gbadamosi, F & Popoola, Y & Adesola, & Olaniyan, & Unim, (2023). Rural-urban variation in willingness to donate blood in Ibadan Region, Nigeria. Annali dell'Istituto superiore di sanita. 59. 114-121.