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We have international composition and Interdisciplinary focus, including a unique history of collaboration across the intellectual traditions of our primary professional directions. Tradition continues today in an even broader context as the school works with all disciplines and professions in the university.

  • Earth Systems Science
    Earth Systems Science focuses on the fundamental processes that dominate the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere, their characteristics and complex interactions, and their impact on human life and society. 
  • Geographic Information Science
    Geographic Information Science focuses on the theoretical foundations geographical information science, the development and use of state-of-the-art software and emerging technology, and the collection, processing, and interpretation of geospatial information.
  • Economic and Development Geography
    Economic and Development Geography focuses on economic and business geography, and it prepares students to critically assess the process of globalization operating in the world today.
  • Health Geography
    Health Geography is the application of geographical information, perspectives, and methods to the study of health, disease, and health care.  It explores the patterns, causes, and spread of disease, environmental hazards, environmental mediators of health behaviors, and the planning and provision of health services.
  • Urban and Regional Studies
    Urban and Regional Studies focuses on a wide variety of economic and social problems related to transportation, land use, urban environment, housing, work and welfare, and population changes and migration within a geographical context.
  • Research Facilities
    The Department of Geography is home to a set of advanced research facilities.