Doctoral Program

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The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program provides in-depth research and technical training and is primarily intended for those interested in careers in research and academia. The University at Buffalo is the only institution in the State University of New York system awarding a doctoral degree in Geography.

PhD Concentrations

  • Earth Systems Science
  • Economic Geography / International Business & World Trade
  • Geographic Information Science
  • Health Geography
  • Urban and Regional Analysis

Students should expect to devote at least four years to the doctoral program. Credits earned in fulfilling the MA requirements in this Department may be applied toward the PhD requirements. In most cases, graduate hours earned at other institutions may also be applied toward the PhD requirements, if appropriate. Approval of such transfer credits will be granted only after the student's preliminary program has been outlined and approved by the student's adviser.

Students work closely with their adviser, who serves as the chair of the supervisory committee, and two other members of their supervisory committee to design a program that meet their individual and career goals. Program design for the PhD is flexible and depends on the individual student's interest. In consultation with their advisor, students develop a program of study that matches their own research interests and satisfies the general requirements of the doctoral program in Geography. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact faculty and confirm the basis for a program of mutual interest.

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