Drumond Dzakuma

Drumond Dzakuma.


BA, Geography and Resource Development, 2011, University of Ghana- Legon, Ghana 

MA, Migration Studies, 2021, University of Ghana-Legon, Ghana; MPhil, Geography and Resource Development, 2022, University of Ghana-Legon, Ghana  

Research Interests:

Medical geography, Non-communicable diseases, Urban health, Health disparities, Migration, Socio-spatial determinants of health, Substance use, Healthcare waste, Spatial epidemiology.


Drumond is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo under the supervision of Dr Jared Aldstadt. Before joining the University at Buffalo, he worked as a graduate assistant at the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA)-University of Ghana, where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies. His current research interest is a combined articulation of health and place which pertains to comprehending the intricate determinants, risk factors and socio-spatial disparities allied with health disparities and Non-Communicable Disease prevalence and outcomes. These encompass investigating strategies for prevention, early detection, and effectual management in diverse populations with a focus on vulnerable and underserved communities, through methodologies such as data-driven approaches, epidemiological modelling, and geospatial analysis.

Recent Courses Taught: 

GEO 105: Earth, Environment and Climate (Lab)